Our compact road sweeper front brushes are available ex-stock, these brushes are manufactured to the highest standard and designed to fit machines such as Johnston, Schmidt, Scarab & many more. These brushes utilise our all plastic construction, enabling them to be stored outside, we can also offer a Polypropylene and wire mixed version along with all wire products.

Our channel gutter brushes are constructed using a moulded plastic disk and cold rolled flat wire, many of the wire holes incorporate the company’s square hole technology.  The combination of the square holes with the flat brush wire has proven to outperform competitor products in street sweeping.

Our segmented road brush wafers are manufactured to meet the industry’s highest standards and are made from either polypropylene monofilament or crimped steel wire for both quality and durability. The road brush segments are supplied in kits so they can be assembled onto shafts on site to produce the cylinder wide sweep brush.

Our one-piece cylinder brushes for municipal sweeping machines are manufactured to the highest standard, using the best quality monofilament, these one-piece brushes are designed for reducing the handling by the operator and are designed for a easy and fast changeover, these brushes have been proven to last longer than the standard wafer segments and maintain a consistent stiffness over their life.